Plastic clip for PP strap band



The buckle is a cost effective solution for these looking to strap light products. You can use it easily by using only hand pull.

-Plastic buckle for poly strapping by hand
-Used for hand tensioning of 16mm or under poly strapping by hand
-Made of 100% new PP
-Tensile strength over 60kg
-Dimensions: 59mm long, 24mm wide, 4mm thick, opening width 16mm


Eco-friendly PP band strengthen type plastic buckles
1.suitable for 5mm-15mm pp straps

  1. high strength, can be recycle
  2. Does not tarnish or rust, keeping clean and tidy appearance.
  3. Smooth shape will not scratch hands.
  4. Cheaper than metal buckles, easier to apply than any other buckles.
  5. No tools are required to use these buckles, only need hand pull.