LinceAuto and Logistics Limited is a market leader in Industrial Automation & Packaging solutions in Kenya. Its customers span from Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail and FMCG industries in East Africa. Lince has been founded on certain principles and believes that entrench a better way of providing services & products to all clients in a more valuable, less invasive and customer focused way. We are passionate about industrial automation and packaging where our mission is to ensure it is achieved at the most effective and efficient way possible.

Lince was established in 2010 as a service based company where we provided professional services to clients that included Industrial Automation, Machine Repairs, Periodic Maintenance, Training and Troubleshooting with regards to any industrial machine.

Trust is earned and we believe that clients should get value for their investments. We have managed to offer successful solutions and provided a unique yet productive clients’ experience and believe that replacement isn’t the solution for any breakdown. Through our constant engagements with customers, we believe that when we support our customers by stabilizing and maintaining their production lines, packaging lines and automating their factories, they will maximize the machine output hence optimize the efficiency of their machines. This will enable the clients meet their demands of supply, maximize on power usage and minimize the cost of production, and we all gain.

With regards to quality, Lince has the best experience in the market on packaging machines that the customers need and which are affordable, user friendly, efficient and with an affordable maintenance cost. We equally offer service contracts to all packaging machines with warranties, rapid response to service, emergency calls and breakdown calls all under one package.

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