The  Pasteurizer is specially designed for the pasteurization and production of high quality consumption milk in batches of 200 or 600 Liters.
This pasteurizer can be used for the pasteurization of milk for human consumption and also for the milk to be fed to the calves.
The unique combination of double jacket and closed water circuit results in an efficient energy transfer.


  • The entire batch pasteurizer is made of stainless
    steel and has insulated double walls.
  • An electric heating element and a plate heat
    exchanger are integrated in a closed water system.
  • An agitator ensures efficient mixing.
  • The temperature is thermostatically controlled.
  • Very solid, full stainless steel construction
    Corrosion free.
  • Closed loop system makes fast heating and cooling
    possible. – Heat up to 90 °C.