LN241 pillow coding machine



It is used on intermittent or continuous type packaging machinery to print production date, weight, batch number, such as particle packing machine, paper towel packaging machine, labeling machine
This machine can be well integrated with intermittent vertical packing machines and sealing machines to print production information.
It is characterized by compact size, convenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.

  •  Adopts the popular hot stamp ribbon for legible, easy drying and indelible print without pollution of solvent
  •  Convenient replacement of type
  •  It is suitable for printing codes on most of packing materials such as plastic, leather, cloth and paper.

Technical specifications

Model LN241
Voltage 200V/50HZ
Power 200W
Printing speed 20~120pcs/min
Printing area 11×35mm
Hot printer width Max: 35mm
Size(L×W×H) 410×200×250mm
Weight 10kg