Automatic screw auger powder packing machine


Automatic single head linear powder filling machine is an economic type auger filling machine. The containers are automatically position, automatic filling and automatic transferring.

The linear powder filling machine is applying to filling all kinds of powders, mixed powder-granule in variety of bottles and cans. Such as milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, pharmaceuticals, food additives, etc.


  1. Adopts double cylinders’ bottles blocking and positioning device.
  2. Electronic scale integrated with host, to achieve automatic error correction when do the checking.
  • Using servo motor to control the materials filling. Big torque with high precision and high speed.
  1. Together with the screw conveyor feeder, to achieve automatic materials level control, automatic replenishment when the hopper of auger filler is a shortage of the materials, saving time and efforts.


  • Automatic Counting Fills
  • The filling speed is adjustable according to different material characteristics.


Technical Specifications:

Measuring way Auger measuring feeding
Weight range 50-500g
Accuracy 2%
Speed 10-30 bottle/min
Voltage  220V (customizable)
Hopper 25L
  Filling nozzles 10mm (another for  15mm、18mm、20mm、25mm)
Power 1.2KW
G.N. Weight 230/200kgs
Size 800×850×2000mm